Friday, January 27, 2012

why, hello! nice to see you again...


it has been quite a while...

{{I blame work, moving, laziness for my lack of posts.}}

A lot has happened since July:

  1. BF went to IBOLC (Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course)
  2. I moved all of our stuff into a new apartment with two of my friends, K and S.  It only took about 5 thousand trips in my little car....
  3. I have taken on 2 national accounts at work [I work for GreekBill, an online billing service for fraternities and sororities.  I handle all of Alpha Sigma Phi and Sigma Delta Tau, as well as 3 regions for Delta Gamma and 1 region of Tau Kappa Epsilon -- aka, I'm a busy busy bee at work!]
  4. Columbus Day weekend was spent visiting the BF at Fort Benning....  a wonderful mid-training visit!
  5. The first weekend of November was spent in Sin City with some fabulous friends!
  6. I am the Family Readiness Group coordinator for the BF's National Guard unit, so I planned and hosted a unit lunch at the last drill.  I also attended the Battalion Ball without my soldier [but with my biggie <3]
  7. BF graduated from IBOLC right before Xmas, and then we headed up to nor-cal to spend some time with our fams.
  8. NYE was spent in Glamis [if you don't know what/where that is, it is an off-roader's wet dream, northeast of El Centro.]
  9. I went to Indianapolis for work a couple of weeks ago, and I was pretty much an ice cube the whole time.  Going from so-cal, where it was 75 degrees, to 16 degrees in Indy is not recommended.
So, I blame all of this for my lack of blogging....  but my resolution is to start blogging again, and start shooting again!  I hope to have at least one new photo to share with you each week -- let's all cross our fingers that I can commit to that!

My biggie is visiting this weekend, and we have a lot planned for this beautiful weekend, so I'm sure I will have a lot of photos to share with you by the end :)

Venice Beach, August 2011