Monday, January 10, 2011

the dreaded "first" post...

I'll tell you exactly why this first post is dreaded:  Ever since I was a child, I have been incredibly shy.  Like to the point where it is almost crippling.  Being asked to speak in front of crowd of more than a couple of people would give me nightmares. And when it came to that time to speak, my voice would shake almost as badly as my knees, my face would turn either bright red or sickly white, and I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest.  These physical reactions to any type of public speaking/sharing haunted me all through my high school years, and eventually through most of college.  It wasn't until I joined a sorority that I was finally able to get past most of the shyness (or at least trick my mind into thinking I was past it all).  {Alpha Chi Omega} gave me plenty of opportunities to speak in front of large groups, through meetings where I would update the chapter on any necessary information, and philanthropies where I would teach dance choreography to my sisters.  I have gotten pretty good at tricking myself into not being afraid of public speaking.

Now, I may have learned how to deal with speaking in public, but sharing my artwork in a public forum is a different story.  I was a Photography major in college, and I always dreaded the days when we would have to put our work up in front of the class and critique it.  These critiques usually included some sort of introduction made by me, explaining the project and the significance of it.  On paper, I had no problem with this, but when it came time to explain it to the group, it seemed that all words left my brain.  What I put so eloquently on paper seemed to come out jumbled when said out loud. I have concluded that sharing something that is very {personal}, such as my artwork, is a very difficult and scary thing for me to do.  And this blog is a step in overcoming that hurdle...

And with that introduction, I present my first foray into the public sharing of my {photography}. I hope you enjoy!

Kilometer 39.5, South of San Felipe, Mexico


  1. haha you totally described me! i even got neverous speaking at sorority meetings! hello? these are my sisters and most of my best friends! ha! i had to trick myself too!

  2. YAY! So excited to follow your photo blog Car!
    & might I say I {love} the first photo!!! :O) xo.