Tuesday, January 11, 2011

revisiting an oldie...

Lately, I've been feeling a little lost... stuck... uninspired... And I'm sick of it!

I searched for "photography inspiration" and found a great resource that has already helped me start the long climb out of my rut...  "60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography," by the editors at Photopreneur, has some great ideas to spice up your artwork...60 to be exact!  Today, I focused on #30: 
 "Revisit Your Past:You probably have a stack of old images that you rarely review, 
including many that you can’t bring yourself to look at. Give them another chance.
 A shot that failed a few years ago might well be achievable today — and give you
 ideas for more."
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

I took this photo about a year ago, but never did anything with it...until now.  I looked at different Photoshop tutorials and tips/tricks that people have used, picked one, and tried it out.  I think it turned out well.... 

what do you think???