Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my valentine...

So there's this guy, and he's pretty special...

Not Special Ed. {like this picture suggests ;)}, just special.  He has been in my life for over 2 years now, which means I have tons of photos of him {I won't bore you with all of them -- just a few ;)}... Like any relationship, we have had our ups and downs, but through it all, he has remained a constant in my ever-changing life. He encourages me, supports me, and is one of my best friends.  I thank my lucky stars that I met him, and that I gave him a second chance ((when we first met, I was still into the fraternity boys, so I stupidly overlooked the great man that had come into my life... thankfully, he was pretty persistent ;D))...

This Valentine's Day was actually the first one that we have spent together.  Two years ago, we had been apart for about two months, and February 13th was the day that I finally agreed to see him again -- it probably would have been a bit much to see each other on V-day right after re-connecting.... Last year, we were together, but apart.  He was in Fort Benning, Georgia, just starting his training in the Army Officer Candidate School program.  To celebrate, I baked him some Valentine's brownies, picked out some of his favorite candy, and a goofy card [I'm not big on the sentimental cards].  I put it all in a box with a few pictures of us and mailed it off to GA... So this year, being able to actually spend Valentine's day with him was really special!  Started the day off with him asking me to "be his valentine" (so cute, right?!), then he brought me a delicious sushi lunch and GIANT card at work, and then a romantic dinner at McCormick and Schmick's and a night in Manhattan Beach... A perfect Valentine's day in my book!  I could not be happier :)


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  1. AW shucks! :o)
    As always... that pick of you two smoochin' is one of my faves!!
    Glad you had a wonderful day!